Traffic Accident Report


  1. In case of an accident, do not move your car and please call mobile customer service on 0(534)015 88 88.
  2. If your car is not able to move, the tow truck will be sent as soon as possible after you are notified by Mobile customer service.
  3. After accidents resulting in property damage, other driver or drivers involved in the accident will be issued a report on the detection of road accidents with property damage, if the way the accident occurred is understood in the determination with the record.
  4. According to the highway Law No. 2918, amended as of April 1, 2008, the police or constabulary will not intervene in traffic accidents in order to report if the parties agree on the manner in which the accident occurred and the following conditions are met.For this reason, if you are involved in any accident, first check whether the following conditions have occurred.
  5. An accident must necessarily be an accident involving more than one vehicle. It is not in this context that we describe as a one-sided accident, where another vehicle is not involved or it is not known who hit the vehicle when it is parked.
  6. The accident should only be an accident with material damage.In an accident in which there is a death and/or injury, the police or constabulary must be called.
  7. The parties involved in the accident must have compulsory financial liability insurance (traffic insurance).
  8. Parties involved in the accident must have a sufficient driver's license for the vehicle they use.
  9. There should be no suspicion of alcohol and mental health in drivers.
  10. Any of the vehicles involved in the accident must not belong to the public and public property must not be damaged.
  11. If there is a situation that does not meet the above conditions, the report on the detection of a traffic accident with material damage will not be filled out. Traffic police should be notified by calling 155 if the accident scene is in the city and 156 if the constabulary is in the area.


  1. Try to be as calm as possible. Because of a process that you will forget, you can be a flawed party while being flawless. After agreeing with the other party, please review the following elements without changing the location of the vehicles. • Does the other party have a driver's license? • Drunk? • Is he mentally healthy? • Is there a traffic insurance policy? • Has public property been damaged? • Are there any public vehicles among those involved in the accident?
  2. Don't forget to take a few photos from different angles before your car is removed from the scene of the accident.
  3. Get a photocopy of the traffic insurance policy, driver's license and registration documents of other vehicles involved in the accident.Give a photocopy of your traffic insurance policy, driver's license and license to the other vehicle owner involved in the accident.
  4. If the number of vehicles involved in the accident is more than two, all vehicle users specified in the minutes must arrange the minutes.Get photocopies of each car user's driver's license, license and traffic insurance policies.
  5. If any of the vehicles leave the scene without a record, be sure to call the police or constabulary.
  6. Act as prescribed by law. A lack of checks after the withdrawal of the vehicles will cause the police that can be called to take no action, and any objections will be considered invalid.
  7. The record is only about how the event occurred. Choosing the wrong one (determining the defect rate) will be carried out by the commission, which will be formed after TRAMER input, if no agreement is reached by the insurance companies.
  8. Be sure to have these forms in your car you can request a form by calling Mobile customer service.
  9. In case of failure to agree, you have the right to call the police and constabulary as before.
  10. The form arranged by understanding will be the form filled out by the traffic poliçe.The appeal would then be invalid.For this reason, take care to fill it correctly and completely without rushing.Also, make sure that everyone involved in the accident signs it.
  11. Forms from you will be sent to insurance companies and registered in the TRAMER system, and then, if necessary, the counterparty's assessment will be challenged.Remember, the party that does not submit the forms will not have the right to appeal, and only the decision made by the insurance of the opposite party will apply.
  12. Defect rates will not be determined proportionally as before; the parties will be either fully defective/flawless or equally defective.
  13. Accident detection report, alcohol report, user driver's license, copy of vehicle license and documents of the other party involved in the accident to the service directed by Mobil for repair of the vehicle, be sure to deliver it with the vehicle no later than the end of working hours the next day.
  14. When delivering your car to the service or service authorities, make sure that you do not have personal belongings in your car.