Terms of Use

General Conditions

In order for the vehicle rental process to be legally established and delivered to you, the Vehicle Rental Agreement and the Vehicle Delivery Form documenting the vehicle's characteristics, rental price and duration, fuel and possible damage conditions must be signed mutually.

In both MBL offices, www.mbl.com.tr on our website, we inform our users in detail about their obligations under the agreement.Please read the general rental and delivery conditions on this page carefully before performing your car rental operation.We would like to remind you that you can get help from our phone number +90 312 447 54 47, our offices and www.mbl.com.tr website.

You agree that if the vehicle delivery form is not signed at the time of delivery or return, you will be deemed to have accepted it’s contents.If you object to the form, you agree that you will have expertise through the specialist you will cover, otherwise your objections will not be taken into consideration.


  • The vehicle, along with its accessories and switches, is your responsibility.As long as the rental agreement continues, you must use the rented vehicle in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918 of 13.10.1983 and the traffic rules No. 26901.
  • It is your responsibility to use the vehicle in accordance with road, climatic conditions and speed limits.You are responsible for all damages resulting from the use of the vehicle outside capacity and production purposes, from hitting different places at road level such as bumps and potholes, from being used on land and on the beach, as well as for damage caused by water entering the engine or other parts of the vehicle.You should not use the vehicle to race, to speed, to test the vehicle's endurance and speed, and to teach someone else how to drive.
  • Keep the vehicle locked in case you are not using it.Make sure you are using the right and proper fuel.Check the oil levels and keep the tyre air at the appropriate level.
  • Even if you have returned the vehicle, you are responsible for any subsequent offences, parking fines, traffic fines, illegal OGS and HGS passes relating to the period in which the vehicle was in your use.In addition, if requested, you are responsible for providing all requested information about yourself and the additional driver with you.If you do not provide this information in full, you are at your own risk.
  • You can not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle or any part of it.You can not allow anyone to use the vehicle, even if it is free of charge, except for the names contained in the contract.You can not entitle any person legal rights to the vehicle and you can not transfer your own rights.
  • Under no circumstances do you complete the fluid levels of brakes, clutches, transmission oils or engine coolers for your own safety.If any warning lights are on or low oil levels are seen on the dashboard, contact us immediately.In case of emergency, a 24-hour open phone number will be provided to you by the office competent from whom you received the vehicle.
  • You should alert us immediately if you detect any vehicle-related glitches.Do not allow any person to work on the vehicle without any written permission.
  • You must bring the vehicle to the place we agreed with you before, during our working hours.The vehicle must be delivered, checked and seen by our employees or authorized persons.If you are unable to check the condition of the vehicle, or if we have agreed to return the vehicle outside of working hours, you have agreed to review the vehicle by our authorized person or our employee in advance and you will be liable for any damages that occur in the period until its condition is determined.If you object to this fact-finding, you may request an expert review, provided that you cover the costs.
  • You are responsible for the expenses that we will make to return the vehicle to its pre-rental status due to changes made outside our approval, the damage that was not recorded with the report and/or reported with incomplete documents during the return of the vehicle, and the damage costs that are not covered by the insurance coverage/over the guarantee limit, the damage to the interior floor and rims of the vehicle is your responsibility.
  • The vehicle should only be used by you, by the additional driver specified in the contract, or by those whom we have approved in writing.The person driving the vehicle must have a valid driver's license.
  • You can not use the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.You can not carry passengers over capacity and take the vehicle outside the borders of Turkey.
  • Check if you have any personal belongings before returning the vehicle.Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of your private items that are left in the vehicle.


The fees you are responsible for are:

  • Rental and one-way use, navigation, baby seat etc.as stated on this website or on the vehicle delivery form or other charges,
  • Sum of fees, damages, loss, expenses, costs or liabilities for failure to comply with the rules set out in your responsibilities section,
  • You will receive the vehicle from our offices with full fuel tank.If you return the fuel tank below the level you received, the fuel charge between the fuel level specified on the vehicle delivery form and the return fuel level and an additional 25% service charge,
  • All tolls (Bridge, Highway, steamship, v.b.), waiting compensation, traffic fines, speed limit exceeding fines, parking or other traffic offences due to court costs (including costs that may arise due to towing and/or connecting the vehicle) and damages arising in case of confiscation of the vehicle,
  • Service fee of 20 Turkish Liras per payment, with tolls, penalties or resulting costs, which we must pay on your behalf,
  • At the end of the rental, all damage repair costs not specified in the vehicle delivery form and not recorded with the poliçe,
  • The cost of repair of the damages that are not covered by the insurance and the costs of the days that we cannot rent the vehicle, (standard daily rental price will be charged at the price.)
  • Any damages that may arise due to the detention of the vehicle by the security forces for any reason and the charges of the days we cannot rent the vehicle,
  • Fees that may arise to deliver and receive the vehicle outside the city settlement boundaries where our relevant office is located,
  • The number of days left in early delivery of the vehicle is not refundable.
  • Payment is made by credit card only.
  • Provision is being performed.

A 5% monthly delay penalty is applied for failure to pay your debt on time, and this rate is adjusted according to the Central Bank's monthly loan interest rates according to the conditions of the day. VAT is not included in the above-mentioned service costs.

Insurance-Liability Limits

We do not share any information that you have provided to us for this lease with third parties for commercial purposes; we place maximum importance on your personal privacy.You agree that we may use the information you have shared to obtain a reservation, add you to our customer list, receive payment, and investigate follow-up issues that may arise when the car is in your use and upon return, in accordance with the terms set out in the rental agreement.We may also use the information you provide to us for statistical and market research purposes.If you violate the terms of the lease agreement, we may take this into our records for use in making decisions about you in the future.You agree that we may collect information about your car rental history from other organizations about whether to give you a car.You agree that we will provide information about you and additional drivers mentioned in this rental agreement when requested by government agencies and the courts.

Terminating The Contract

If the rent is not paid on time, your contract will be terminated unilaterally without any warning or notice.In this case, the car must be returned to the MBL office immediately.If the vehicle is not returned, the renter accepts that he/she has committed the crime of safety abuse.The fact that the contract has been terminated unilaterally by us will not prevent us from collecting our debts arising from this contract. If you have not fulfilled the main aspects of the contract, we may charge additional fees to collect damages, losses and loss of income that we have suffered based on our rights arising from the contract and the law.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your rental for free at least 6 hours before you receive the vehicle. If the car cannot be delivered to you due to cancellation of the transaction or non-compliance with the terms of the lease for less than 6 hours, the rental fee for one (1) day of the booked vehicle will not be refunded. During peak booking periods (June 15 to September 15 and feasts), the free cancellation of the reservation will expire 24 hours before the rental and the 1-day rental fee will not be refunded.

For cancellations, you can call our booking center on 0 312 447 54 47.