Privacy Policy


MBL Turizm ve Araç Kiralama A.Ş. gives importance to the security and integrity of our users’ information.

2-Information We Collect

MBL Turizm ve Araç Kiralama A.Ş. may collect information of an individual identifying nature belonging to people from site users. Those covered by this definition are: “online forms used in ordering services or products and other forms and applications on the site that users are asked to enter.”

MBL Turizm ve Araç Kiralama A.Ş. may collect information from its users about how they use the website , such as information about which pages of the site users are more interested in, which services attract more attention. It may also use “cookies” to observe how the site is used by users. A cookie is a type of software used by web servers, placed on personal or laptop computers, to identify the user if users visit the existing site from the beat.

This information collected from users may also be individual or other information related to individual information.

3-Sharing And Disclosure Of Collected Information

MBL Turizm ve Araç Kiralama A.Ş. may share the information it collects from its users with other trusted solution partners for the purposes mentioned above. In addition, MBL may disclose certain non-individual information based on information it collects from its users to its investors and potential partners. It can transfer the information it collects from its users in sales, transfer and delivery transactions that may occur as a result of any changes in the structure of the company.

4- Mobil Application

MBL Turizm ve Araç Kiralama A.Ş. undertook a new innovation via launching the new digital app to service better to their partners. Mobil app can be utilized by only two types of users: Mobil chauffeurs and the personnel of the hotel that Mobil is serving.

The app will give the hotel personnel the ability to track where the driver is, whether or not the guest is approaching to the hotel so that the hotel can well advance prepare the welcoming of the guest.

Mobil chauffeurs can share the location information with the hotel personnel during and post trip regardless of active usage of the app. The app in the background will track the location of the vehicle post pickup. Only Mobil chauffeurs have the ability to share the location with the designated hotel personnel, the hotel personnel will remain in ‘silent’ mode with no ability to share the location info via the app, they are only able to track the whereabouts of the guest.

The key use-cases of Mobil app for the hotel is tracking guests’ location post pickup and frontloading welcoming procedures thus being fully prepared and present in a timely manner during guest arrival.   

5- Update

The Privacy Policy and Principles contained on this site may be changed in terms deemed necessary by MBL Turizm ve Araç Kiralama A.Ş. For any questions and conduct contrary to the Privacy Statement we publish, please e-mail to .