Long-Term Fleet Leasing

Mobil, provides services to enterprise businesses and corporations demands with operational vehicle class. We offer a comprehensive fleet of rental services with every class and model of cars.

Advantages of Long Term Fleet Leasing

Financial Advantages

  • You can decrease paid hire purchase from the corporate tax base and use as a discount the vat (value added tax) of invoice.
  • You do not need to use bank loans.
  • All of the repair, insurance, tax and tire expenses are included in hire so risk of extra budgetary is abolished.

Operational Advantages

  • You can get a periodic maintenance service from authorized dealers all over the Turkey without any payment.
  • Automotive maintenance, automotive insurance, traffic insurance, motor vehicles tax, and examination fee are controlled and paid by Mobil.
  • Winter-summer tires are changed and storage operation is controlled by Mobil.
  • You do not need to employ any extra personnel for the vehicle operation.


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